Velocity Technologies was founded upon the core principles of Trust, Honesty, Integrity and the Enjoyment of Technology. Our primary mission is to keep your IT running so you can run your company.

TRUST. Who would your trust to come into your home? A random employee from a big company or a trusted IT professional who is trusted by many in the community. We are Microsoft Certified and can help you with almost any question or issue you may have.

HONESTY. Honesty really is the best policy. We won't advise you to make expensive hardware or software purchases that aren't necessary. You will only receive suggestions that will work for your needs and your budget. 

INTEGRITY. Integrity is a rare character these days. We will speak to you in language you can understand and will not stop until the job is done right, the first time. We will ensure everything works appropriately as it should before the job is complete.

. Yeah, We do that too. We can help you hook up your entertainment center or get your Xbox out of the box to help you get playing online.

Jess Disney - Bio

Jess has spent the majority of his life in East and Middle Tennessee obtaining informational and technology related knowledge. He attended collage at ITT-Tech in Nashville and obtained a Bachelors in Data Communications with Highest Honors and was the Salutatorian. After graduating, Jess has worked as a professional Systems Engineer and now is an IT consultant, fulfilling roles from Helpdesk to Director of IT for a substantial amount of client. While doing this Jess also gave back and taught college courses at ITT-Tech as an Adjunct Professor.

Jess is able to outstandingly maintain small two person client and guide multi-site/state healthcare companies. According to numerous testimonials from Jess's clients, He is one of the most competent and professional technicians they have have worked with. His expertise is certainly the very heart and soul of many businesses.

Jess has extensive certifications with Microsoft, Comp-Tia and Citrix. You can also find Jess on LinkedIn professionally.


" ...[Jess] has been able to completely take over our IT Infrastructure from our old IT company and improve it beyond our expectations. We now sleep easy at night knowing every piece of data is backed up properly offsite. He set me up to be able to work from home; I am now able to to save 2 and a half hours of commuting time and can spend that extra time with my nephew and wife... "

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